EPS 500KPA FOILED ROUTED PANELS 1200 x 600 x 20mm

Reference: EPS400FOILED

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Foiled routed panel (50 microns) ideal for laminate and engineered flooring

Densest routed EPS panel on the market, and superb low profile/retro fit solution.

Easy to install panels are laid directly on to existing concrete or any other flat surface.

20mm depth with routed grooves for 16mm pipe.

High compression strength 500KPA Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Tile directly on top with flexible adhesive such as Ultra Proflex or lay 6 mm self-level compound (Mapai Ultraplan or similar) for any other floor finishe (Vinyl, Carpet, Engineered Flooring)

Use suitable breathable underlay for Laminates/engineered Flooring

Light weight panel includes radius return for easy install

Pipe spacing 150mm provide excellent heat output and maximum efficiency

Maximum recommended pipe length 90 metres

Approximate heat Outputs- 20mm EPS 500KPA Panel (depending on flow temperature)

  • Under tiles: 100w/m2
  • Under laminate, engineered flooring : 90w/m2 (Note: sensor probes should be used in most cases to limit to 27C/ refer to flooring suppliers recommendations)
  • Under carpet, vinyl: 80w/m2

Floor area, calculating quantities

  • Allowing for cut offs and some wastage during install / ordering 5% extra panels should cover most projects.
  • Consider floor fixtures such as kitchen units.
  • Pipe circuit lengths up to 90 metres for maximum output and efficiency.
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