Individual Room Zoning

Energy saving

Controlling individual zones with programmable thermostats provides a more responsive and cost effective solution. During winter months, an additional night set-back feature allows the system to run at a reduced temperature without manually turning the thermostat down. When using 2 or more thermostats, a wiring centre is required, along with the same number of actuators as pipe circuits from the manifold.

Electrothermic actuation

Electrothermic bodies are integrated into the return manifold, one per circuit. They are almost identical to TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) bodies.

An electrothermic head is mounted on top, at 2nd fix or final commissioning. This in turn is wired to a wiring centre (linking in to the boiler, pump and wall mounted room thermostats), which in turn is wired to each room or zone wall thermostat.

What happens

The electrothermic heads and bodies behave the same as a two port zone valve in a traditonal system. They also cost considerably less per circuit.

You are effectively zoning your heating by rooms or small areas, allowing individual tailored temperature control.

This means when a room or area gets up to temperature, the wall thermostat signals to the manifold electrothermic head (via the wiring centre), and that circuit is closed. This leaves the remaining circuits free to continue receiving heat. When all circuits have been actuated, closing flow to each, the wiring centre signals the pump (and boiler) to cease pumping (or providing heat).

Room Thermostats can be either simple electro-mechanical, electronic, or more sophisticated digital combined time and temperature units.

This allows you to choose the time period when you want the room to receive heat, and allows a choice of two temperatures (comfort and energy saving), the choice is dependant on time and use of the room.

For advice and specification please call to speak to a member of our technical team.