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Price £9.40

Barbed pipe staples used to manually fix pipe to high density insulation panels.

Price £13.34

60mm pipe clips used with our universal aluminium tacker tool. Allows speedy fixing of pipe to high density insulation panels.

Price £2.09

Self adhesive clip rail with 50mm spacing used to hold pipe in place. Can be stuck down or alternatively screwed directly to concrete.

Price £1.20

Used to support underfloor heating pipe as it passes from screed to manifold.

Price £6.11

50mm groove spacing enables pipe spacing at 100mm, 150mm and 200mm centres and an even heat distribution.

Price £4.92
Price £12.28

Edge insulation strip with plastic skirt is used as an insulator between both internal and external walls to reduce heat loss and noise transfer. To be used with wet screed systems.

Price £125.00

Used to stick clips that fix floor heating pipes into an insulating polystyrene foam layer.

Price £18.88

Pipe Conduit, 25 m coil, 22mm

Price £198.40

A pipe decoiler facilitates fitter's work while fixing floor heating pipes to an insulating layer.

Price £22.50

Professional grade/ratchet pipe cutter, suitable for all types of underfloor heating pipe, including PEX and AluPERT.

Price £4.56

Aluminium Double Spreader Plate (1000 mm x 390 mm) with grooves 200mm apart to enable a homogenous heat transmission.