Retro-Fit Floor Panel - 150mm centres


VAT excluded

Expanded Polystyrene – Grade EPS100



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Expanded Polystyrene – Grade EPS100

1200mm x 1200mm x 25mm (1.44 sq m)

Expanded polystyrene 8 cicuits per panel @150mm spacing provides an excellent floating floor option

The grooves in the insulation securely retain the UFH pipe-work in the correct position eliminating the need for supplementary fixings.

Aluminium foil 45microns thick is factory bonded to the upper surface of the panel (and into the main grooves) and acts as a radiant surface improving heat transfer and reducing system start up times.

No waiting for screed to dry/greatly reduced fitting costs

Panels include radius return for complete and easy install

Excellent compression strength = 0.036 W/mK (EPS 100)

Can be used with 15mm or 16mm pipe

Plywood is laid on top of the panels ready for your chosen floor covering

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