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Floor Panel Kit (20 square metres)

Warm water UFH kit including all components required to heat a maximum of 2 zones with combined floor area up to 20 sq m.

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Kit includes:
  • 16mm alupert pipe x 150 metres
  • Pre-assembled distribution manifold x 2 ports complete with – Isolating ball valves, flow and return temperature gauges, adjustable flow meters, fill and drain points, automatic air vents.
  • Grundfos circulating pump with thermostatic mixing valve
  • Monoblocco pipe connector x 4
  • Dial thermostat
  • 14 x retro-fit floor panels
  • Expanded polystyrene with 6 grooves per panel @ 200mm spacing provides an excellent floating floor option
  • The grooves in the insulation securely retain the UFH pipe-work in the correct position eliminating the need for supplementary fixings.
  • Aluminium foil 45microns thick is factory bonded to the upper surface of the panel (and into the main grooves) and acts as a radiant surface improving heat transfer and reducing system start up times.
  • No waiting for screed to dry/greatly reduced fitting costs
  • Panels include radius return for complete and easy install
  • Excellent compression strength = 0.036 W/mK (EPS 100)
  • Can be used with 15mm or 16mm pipe
  • Plywood is laid on top of the panels ready for your chosen floor covering

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